Unvented Cylinders New Malden

Unvented Cylinders New Malden

We can Repair and Install Unvented Cylinders for you!

Otherwise known as hot water cylinders, unvented cylinders are directly connected to the mains water supply, providing homeowners with better water flow rates. This then helps showers and baths to perform better, which is more than appealing for people who have suffered for too long from low performance showers or baths at home.

About Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

1986 was the year unvented cylinders became legal for use in the UK and since then they have become incredibly popular with homeowners. Unlike vented cylinders, unvented cylinders don’t require a cold water tank in the loft, which both eliminates the risk of freezing in the winter and frees up valuable space.

As unvented cylinders don’t rely on gravity, they can be installed almost anywhere within a property, which is another benefit to homeowner.

On top of this, the systems are sealed, meaning the risk of contamination is little to none as water moves from the cold water tank to the hot water system.

We Have the Solution to your Cylinder needs

Solutions Plumbing offer a range of unvented cylinders from a number of big brand names, including Albion, Centerstore and Dimplex. We are able to supply you with a cylinder and professionally install it for you, killing two birds with one stone.

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If you are looking to have an unvented cylinder installed at your property in New Malden, Kingston upon Thames, Wimbledon, Twickenham, Fulham and Richmond, call upon the professional services of Solutions Plumbing and Heating Ltd.

Get in touch with us today to find out about cylinder prices and the cost of installation. We will gladly help you moving forward.


Extremely Professional

A friend of mine recommended Solutions to me, so I got them in to supply a new boiler and to move it from the Kitchen upstairs to the bathroom. They were extremely professional throughout, completed the work on time, left everything clean and tidy, and the quality of the work was excellent. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

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